Workshops help the participants to get substantial information on a topic in a reasonably short period of time. They also help in creating learning communities that bring together students & faculties from likeminded interests.

Workshop on SPSS

Faculty of Management organized workshop on SPSS for marketing students by Dr. Dr. Gaiurang Rami on 9th and 10th November, 2016. Students were briefed about the SPSS and Hands on step-by-step guidance was provided to the students. Guide for using SPSS functionality, its importance was done in great details.

Start Up

A team of budding entrepreneurs were invited by PIMR and Parul Group of Institutes. Mr. Ritam Bhatnagar focused on regional films whether Gujarati or Bengali. How they can be considered for a successful business model and how MBAs are needed to market these movies were discussed in depth by Mr. Ritam, founder director of “Freeway” Film Company. He worked as Executive Director for Gujarati movie “Kevi Rite Jaish” which was grand box-office hit.

Mr. Rajeev Pathak and Mr. Rohan Aggarwal explained their start up “Riimarks” which is a platform where academic writing is encouraged for students as well as academicians. Live cases can be developed under this platform and same can be circulated in academic arena for further discussion. Dr. Punit Garg introduced the concept of “Petsvet” where he being a veterinary doctor could work with his passion for a care for animals.

Mr. Yash Saxena threw light on the concept of startups with his own creation along with global trend while highlighting the need to implement same at college level with MBA students.