Dr. Harmik D. Vaishnav

To work with an international class educational institute apply and develop knowledge for research and betterment of posterity.

Educational Qualification

Qualification University Main Subjects Year of Passing
B.A. in English Gujarat University English Literature 1994
M.A. in English Bhavnagar University American Literature & English Language 1996
Ph.D CSJM University [Kanpur University] Alienation & Affliction in the Fictions of Saul Bellow and Jerome Salinger: A Comparative Study 2009


Other Certification/Courses

Business English Communication [BEC] University of Cambridge

Glaring Achievement
Limca Book of record holder for preparing a giant English Crossword Puzzle of 5094 words and 34,225 boxes.

Academic Affiliation

  • 2010 onwards- Asst. Professor and course coordinator of English and Foreign Languages at Institute of Law, Nirma University2006 onwards Visiting Faculty at Som-Lalit Institute of Management
  • 2000-2003 Visiting Faculty at PG Department of English Bhavnagar University
  • 1997-2003 Visiting Faculty at Sir PP Institute of Science, Bhavnagar University

Professional Affiliation

  • As a trainer and teacher to many professionals and corporate for 18 years. Trained management students, professionals at middle and senior level of corporate like Excel Industries, Hi-Tech Castings, Steelcast, I & PCL, Meditab Inc., Patni Computers, DRC Systems, Kaira Can, Etech, Bitscape, PMCI, GEB group, GACL, GNFC etc.HR Manger in Ledger Solutions Pvt. Ltd. [A partner Co. of Transport Corporation of India TCI] 2006-07
  • HR Manager in I-Link Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. 2007-08
  • Chief Manager HR with DRC Systems 2008-2009
  • Director of Ethos Group [HR Solutions provider and training company] 2009- 2010

Current working:
Assistant Professor, course coordinator, convener First B.Com LLB in Institute of Law, Nirma University from Nov. 2010 till date.


  • Preparation of course and course modules
  • Preparation of time table of lectures and tutorials
  • Monitoring the work of junior lecturers
  • Exam work like taking out papers, marks scheme, Term
  • Assignments, presentations, viva etc. and assessing them
  • Monitoring Project work of the students and counseling them.
  • Co-curricular activities like cultural and self development
  • Course coordinator for foreign languages
  • Convener and editor in chief of “Axiom” the in-house magazine
  • Faculty advisor for Literary and Dramatics committee

Book Publications

  • Dictionary of Confusable Words- It is a compilation of homophones and such confusing words with sentences for explanation. There are around one thousand pairs of confusing words with meanings and sentences. ISBN- 978-93-5048-186-8 Published in 2012. Prabhat Prakashan, Delhi
  • Formation of words- It is a research compilation of how formation of a word take place from verb. In the book the verb form, noun form, adjective and adverb form have been give and with sentence of each form for explanation of the difference in usage. It has more than one thousand such word groups. ISBN- 978-93-5048-208-7. Published in 2012. Prabhat Prakashan, Delhi
  • Real Concise Dictionary- This dictionary is a regular dictionary with pronunciation and meaning. The added feature is that it has sentence for explaining the usage of a word. If the word is a homonym with more than one meanings than the sentences explain the usage of each meaning. It is published by Akshara Prakashan in 2003.
  • Perfect Antonyms and Synonyms- This book is a compilation of words with its various antonyms and synonyms. A word may have more than one antonym and synonym; such varied words are given in the book. It has around two thousand such words with antonyms and synonyms. It is published by Anada Prakashan in 2007.
  • English-Gujarati Synonym Proverbs- It is a research compilation of proverbs. English proverbs and Gujarati proverbs with same meaning have been compiled. It is not a translation of proverbs from one language to another. 2006
  • Comic Quotations- It is a careful compilation of humorous quotations by well known persons and writers. It entertains as well as provides wisdom and thinking. Published by Navneet Publication in 2008. ISBN 978-81-243-2028-0
  • Alienation and Affliction- This is a critical study on two famous American Authors: Saul Bellow and Jerome Salinger on their common writing theme of alienation and affliction. It is the conversion of Ph.D thesis into book form published by VDM Publisher of Germany in 2011 ISBN- 978-3-639-32854-7. Published in 2011
  • Coffee Beans- This is a compilation of seventeen short stories written by me. The stories range from mysteries, love stories, narrative etc. ISBN 978-81-8253-295-3 Published in 2012. Cyberwit Publication, Allahabad

Paper Publication

  • Research paper THIRD DIMENSION OF LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION: “THE ALCHEMIST” PERSPECTIVE published in peer reviewed refereed Global Journal of Finance and Management Research India Publication, New Delhi. Vol. IV Number 8, 2012 Page no- 61. ISSN 00975-6477.
  • Research paper ‘CATCHER IN THE RYE’: A STUDY IN ALIENATION published in peer reviewed & referred International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research [IJMR] Vol. I, Issue 8 [II] November 2012. Page no- 128. ISSN 2277-9302
  • Published and essay “RAREST OF THE RARE CASE’ in Legal Trigger ISSN 2278-4489 Vol. 1 Issue 1 Year 2013. Page no- 30
  • Research paper EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION TRAITS: THE GODFATHER PERSPECTIVE published in peer reviewed & refereed Horizon Research Publication, USA. Linguistics and Literature Studies Vol. 2(3), pp. 75 – 78
    DOI:10.13189/lls.2014.020301 [http://www.hrpub.org/journals/article_info.php?aid=1341] ISSN: 2331-6438 Year 2014
  • Research paper THE GREAT TRIAL SPEECH OF GANDHIJI published in International peer reviewed refereed “Scholarly Research Journal For Interdisciplinary Research”. Vol. II/XII, Page no- 85-89 May-June 2014 Impact factor 1.38. ISSN- 2278-8808.
  • Research paper LITERATURE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE published in peer reviewed & refereed Journal of Centre for Social Justice. Issue 1. page no-151 to 153 January 2014. ISSN 2348-599X.
  • Research paper “GANDHI’S HIND SWARAJ AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT” published in Ganpat University Journal of Applied Research In Social Science & Humanities- a bi-annual refereed international journal. Issue January to July 2014, Vol. 3, No. 1. Page no- 87 to 91. ISSN No. 2319-8923
  • Research paper “LITERATURE AND LAW- MIRRORS FACING EACH OTHER” published in American International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences an international refereed journal. Vol. 4, issue 9. March 2015. Pg. nos. 348-352 ISSN [online] 2328-3696. [print] 2328-3734. Index Copernicus Impact factor 9.0.
  • Research paper “LEARNING A LANGUAGE- EN ROUTE PUZZLES AND GAMES” published in International Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities [IJELLH]. Volume III, Issue II. April 2015. Pg. nos- 550-559. ISSN- 2321-7065. SJIF Impact factor 4.287
  • Research paper “TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION” published in peer reviewed referred journal Linguistics and Literature Studies of Horizon Publication USA. Vol 4 [1]. Pg. 23-26. DOI: 10.13189/lls.2016.040104 ISSN No. 2331-642X (Print) and ISSN No. 2331-6438 (Online) IC Impact Factor 6.82

Conference and Seminars

  • Attended National Conference on Higher Education at Bhavnagar University in 2000
  • Presented paper “NATIVISM IN THE SHORT STORIES OF R K NARAYAN AND RUSKIN BOND” UGC National Seminar in 2002
  • Attended UGC National Seminar in 2005
  • Attended UGC National Seminar in 2005
  • Presented paper at International Conference on Leadership in Business & Management for Sustainable Global Economy LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION: THE ALCHEMIST PERSPECTIVE organized by Krishi Sanskriti at IIT Delhi in 2012
  • Chaired a session at International Conference on Leadership in Business & Management for Sustainable Global Economy organized by Krishi Sanskriti at IIT Delhi in 2012
  • Presented paper at International Conference on Changes in Commerce, Management, Engineering, Technology and Social Science ‘CATCHER IN THE RYE’: A STUDY IN ALIENATION organized by Choice College of Arts and Commerce, Pune in 2012
  • Presented paper at National Conference on “Vision 2020: Future of Law and Legal Transformation” at Nirma University, Ahmedabad WORKFORCE DYNAMICS AND CHALLENGES OF LEGAL INDUSTRY Year 2012
  • Presented paper at International Conference on “Neoteric Trends in Functional Management” at Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth, Udaipur on EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION TRAITS: THE GODFATHER PERSPECTIVE March 2013
  • Presented a paper at International Conference on “Law, Society and Sustainable Development: Problems and Prospects” at Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad on GANDHI’S HIND SWARAJ AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. February 2014

General Articles/ Chapters in Books

  • Published a poem THE BOY AND THE PENCIL BOX in “The Melodies of Immortality” Alfa Publication. Pg. no. 89 ISBN 978-93-81465-78-3
  • Published a chapter “THE POWER FORTRESS” a descriptive essay on Maherangarh Fort of Jodhpur in Taj Mahal Review. ISSN 0972-6004
  • Published a chapter (short story) “The Confounded Meeting” in VIRTUOSO a refereed transnational Journal of Language and Literature in English. ISSN No- 2249-6076 Volume 3-issue 2. February 2014. P.g. 125

Upcoming Paper Publication

  • Article “Plain Language for Lawyers for a better effect and impact”
  • Article “The Methods of Sherlock Holmes a Study for Lawyers”
  • Article “Mahatma Gandhi and J R D Tata: A Comparative Study”

Professional Development

  • Attended Faculty Development Programme [FDP] of a week at Nirma University.
  • As a resource person “Literature, Soft Skill and Communication”, NUiCONE, Institute of Technology, Nirma University, Ahmedabad
  • As a resource person “Effective Written Communication for the Training of Non-teaching Staff of Institute of Pharmacy and Institute of Science”.
  • As a resource person on “Soft Skills and Self-Motivation for Professionals” to students of M.A. English, Department of English, Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University on 26th, September 2015

Co-Curricular Achievement

  • Award for excellence in research by Institute of Law, Nirma University in 2013
  • Gold Medal for Best Cadet NCC.
  • Third at national level Quiz conducted by NCC.