Pharmaceutics department deals with preparation and evaluation of various drug delivery systems. Individually the labs are divided as research project lab and practical lab for department of pharmaceutics, department of quality assurance and department of Pharma-Chemistry for postgraduate students. The department of Pharmaceutics is equipped with sophisticated instruments like High Speed Homogenizer (HEIDOLPH), High Pressure Homogenizer (GEA NIRO-50), Probe-Sonicator (UP 200s), Spray Drier (LABULTIMA), Benchtop Lyophilizer, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator (BUCHI), Ultra Centrifuge with Temperature Control, UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Zeta Sizer (MALVERN), Inverted Fluoroscent Microscope (NIKON), PCR (G-Force), Geldoc System (UVP) and Stability Chamber.

The Department of Quality Assurance is equipped with sophisticated instruments like HPLC (Double Pump and Single Pump), UV -Visible Spectrophotometer (1800) and (1700), Photo-Flurimeter, Karl-Fisher Autotitrator, Flame Photometer, Digital Photocolouri meter, Digital Nephlo Turbidimeter, Digital pH Meter, Digital Conductivity Meter, Refractometer, Polarimeter and Dissolution Test Apparatus.

The department of Pharmaceutical chemistry is equipped with sophisticated instruments like IR (BRUKER, ALPHA 1) model, Rota Evaporator RE: 52b, Synthetic Microwave Videocon, Ecocook, Digital Melting Point Apparatus (Veego), Digital Hot Air Oven (Phoenix).

The Department of Pharmacognosy deals with various traditional systems of medicine and their importance; preparation and standardization of various herbal and traditional formulations by using latest techniques and to correlate it for industrial applicability; various plant tissue culture techniques and isolation and estimation of active phyto constituents.