Expert Lectures

Parul University realizes the importance of giving additional inputs to the students in the form of expert lectures in addition to academic knowledge being imparted during class room lectures. We have been arranging at least two guest lecturers every month in each Department. These lectures cover advances in different engineering disciplines, modern technology and recent trends in automobile engineering computational techniques, modem Automotive Software, communication skills etc.

Expert Lecture on Inventory Control

Mr. Hemal Mendapara delivered expert lecture in two sessions. In first session. He explains about industry basic structure. He explains about talk flow from top to down management. In second session He explain inventory in detail. Inventory technique used in industry nowadays .also explained by him. In last he also motivates the student. Currently he is working as head of planning department in Raychem (RPG).

Expert Lecture on Glass Manufacturing Process

Mr.Narendra Kanjaria (Deputy Manager, Primal Glass Ltd.) delivered expert lecture on glass manufacturing process. He explains about industry basic structure. He explains about the procedure which is used in industry for glass manufacturing. He gives useful knowledge about manufacturing processes to the students which are useful for their practical purpose.