Expert Lectures

Expert Lecture on Introduction to Boilers

Mr. Kaustubh Parikh delivered expert lecture on Recent Boilers, Mountings, Accessories. A modern Boiler gets newer Technologies.He also explain basic knowledge and location of Mountings and Accssories. He also explain each procedure to manufacture Boiler under IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation) as well as Material Description of each part of boiler.

Expert Lecture on Industrial Safety

Various expert lectures were organized in our department aiming to improve the practical knowledge of students. An expert lecture on INDUSTRIAL SAFTEY was given by Mr. Narendra Kanjaria (Deputy Manager, Primal Glass Ltd.) He laid special emphasis on the role of an engineer on various procedures and practices followed for a safe working environment in industrial field. Also an expert lecture on CNC Milling was given by Mr. Chinmay Natu (MD. Maruti international, Vadodara) he explained the techniques of automated production by the use of latest manufacturing methods like CNC, CAD etc. He also gave students useful knowledge about advanced Milling operations carried out by CNC machines and its merit over the conventional methods.